Learnfab is a new site where you can have fun learning. We're starting with the classic Memory Game (also known as Concentration), which is a nice way to review matched pairs such as vocabulary words, states/capitals, etc. We also have our own Drop Match game as a fun alternative, Multiple Choice for checking what you know, and a quick Overview* to learn 10 pairs at a time.
*For now, you have to select "Overview" and then "Start"; a direct link will be added after we fix a minor problem.

All games support 1 or 2 players at a single computer, using mouse and/or keyboard.

The above links will get you started with our sample deck of "flash cards" or "learning tiles": 60 pairs of antonyms. To choose your own, just search from more than 1 million Quizlet decks. English, French, German, Spanish, geography, history ... and more.

To get started, you may want to review our tutorial.

If you'd like us to keep track of your results so you can focus on words that you missed in the past, then join for a free 30-day trial.