Learnfab tutorial

May 2010: this "Version 0.2" pre-release is for testing. Feedback welcome! Here are some known issues:

  • The default size for our "learning tiles" (wooden version of flash cards) is good for words and phrases, but too small for sentences. Workaround: click "Choose Game" then manually add "&ui=layout" to the URL and try a larger width and/or smaller text size.
  • Images aren't yet supported. If a Quizlet item has no text on the front or back, that side of the tile will be blank.
  • Some Quizlet text may be displayed with html codes. (If you see one, please send the link.)

Learnfab is a new site where you can have fun learning. Here's what we'll cover in the tutorial:

  1. What do you want to learn? - we'll start with Antonyms (opposites)
  2. Drop Match - a fun way to review
  3. Results - how far have you gotten?
  4. Login - join to keep track of your results

There are 3 more to explore on your own:

  • Memory Game - concentrate!
  • Multiple Choice - test your knowledge
  • Overview - learn 10 at a time

What do you want to learn?

You can play our learning games with more than 1 million decks of flash cards from Quizlet. We display the cards as wooden "learning tiles".

This tutorial will use a set that we created: 60 pairs of antonyms (in English). Here are the first 10.

antonym overview

(You can see the actual page via the "Overview" option in Choose Game.)

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